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Who We Are

As a global beauty corporation with our own R&D Department, we offer a wide selection of high quality luxury hair products, all proudly Made in Taiwan. From product development to customer service, our goal is to provide all our customers with a unified and satisfaction guaranteed experience.

Our Mission

Since 1985, Shaanhonq Int’l Corporation was founded with the ambitious idea of providing innovative and exceptional products for hairdressers, assisting them in creating beautiful works of art. Since our inception, our mission to achieve that vision has remained resolute. We have dedicated all our research and development into creating the best professional hair care product in the market and aim to make them available to salons around the world.

Our Values

Education We believe in providing education to our customers and provide them with the necessary skills and resources to succeed. Innovative Design We believe in putting in extra effort in infusing beautiful and innovative design into every aspect of all our products, from the conception of the branding to the manufacturing of beautiful products. Creativity We believe in the importance of creativity and thinking outside the box. We encourage the expression of new idea and exploration of the unknown. We enjoy create products that are unique and standout about all other. Quality We always put quality above all else in every single product we bring to the market. We pride ourselves with our consistency in producing quality products for the market. Integrity We believe in doing the right things for the right reasons and respect all individuals for their diverse backgrounds, nationalities and experiences.