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 HF/NS Scalp System 

   Hair Loss Savior



Scalp Aid System 1 (HF)

Suitable for
1.Hair loss caused by DHT (Dihydrotestosterone)
2.Hereditary hair loss
3.Oily scalp

1.Anti-bacteria & dandruff
2.Promoted by stimulation of the follicle cell metabolism to slow down hair loss.
3.Restrain the secretion of DHT to revitalize hair follicle & its metabolism.

1.HF Advanced shampoo 250ml
2.HF Advanced SOS Scalp Mask 250ml
3.HF Advance Essence 60ml

Scalp Aid System 2 (NS)

Suitable for
1.Hair loss caused by under nutrition, cell over-active, pressure or hormone alteration.
2.Normal to dry scalp

1.Anti-bacteria & dandruff
2.Botanical formula promote hair growth.
3.Make hair fuller & revitalize hair follicle

1.NS Revival Shampoo 250ml
2.NS Revival Salp & Hair Mask 250ml
3.NS Revival Essence 60ml


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