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Miami | Jan. 24. 2024

In addition to the highest-quality bestselling products and new items, the rising awareness of scalp health has led to the emergence of innovative hair care systems, sparking a global trend. This time, we are showcasing a scalp detection tablet system powered by intelligent SCALP AI technology altogether with our NS / HF / PureScalp lines of products , providing professional operators and designers who wish to delve deeper into the scalp market with a better niche point.

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Distributors' Summit Event

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Taiwan | Feb. 2023

The distributor summit event allows us to have our partners around the world meet each other.

We are finally able to discuss further into the details of our brand, haircare product and fashion business face to face. Thanks for flying all the way to Kaohsiung. We expect the trip can help all our distributors to know more about products, discover latest marketing trend and learn from each other.


Ambassador Cao with Chihtsai

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Guatemala | Feb. 2023

Ambassador Cao Lijie to Guatemala helps promote Chihtsai's large-scale presentation show . Embassy Cao does his best to match up high-quality Taiwanese and Guaranteed enterprises to strengthen cross-boarder co-operations. However, Chihtasi plans to assist Guatemala in providing more local hair and fashion  education. Shaanhonq will definitely fully assist the government  and embassy in all plans in Guatemala!


SH-RD & Chihtsai shines in Mumbai

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Mumbai, India | Oct. 2023

SH-RD & Chihtsai shines in Mumbai @Taiwan Expo India

Experiencing remarkable market potential in India


SH-RD x Ken Paves Salon @LA

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Los Ángeles | 2019

Ken Paves who works with Victoria Beckham, Eva Longoria, Lady GaGa, Jennifer Lopez, Celine Dion, Nicole Richie, Fergie, Taylor Swift, Megan Fox, David Beckham. KOLs and Youtuber, Diana Madison (@dianamadison), London Ellis (@london_ellis), Luna Montana (lunamontana), Nazy Farnoosh (nazyfarnoosh) and Suzy Shattuck (suzyshattuck) come to the Summer Party for experiencing SH-RD.


Cosmoprof Asia , HK

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Hong Kong | Nov. 2018

We are in Hong Kong ! With 3 mega brands ( Chihtsai , SH-RD & PS PureScalp System ), we also showcase G-Belle for professional skincare, in Cosmoprof Asia, HK.

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VIP customer group from Indonesia

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Taiwan | Oct.16-18 , 2023

Our long-time strategic partner, our Indonesian agent leads a VIP customer group to us. Apart from gaining a deeper understanding of our global presence and new product knowledge, they are here for hands-on courses taught by Japanese hair cutting educator, our educator team will share the latest popular techniques in various styles of hair perming and coloring.


Distributors' Tour in Manufacture Center

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Taiwan | Feb. 2023

Distributors who come all over the world visit our GMP level cosmetic factory and experience the whole high-tech manufacturing environment.


Famous banquet venue, in Casa Ariana

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Guatemala | Feb. 2023

The most famous banquet venue in Guatemala is called Casa Ariana. The Hair Show lasts for about 3 hours. There will be a cocktail party after the end, providing unlimited champagne and snacks. The food is very exquisite and delicious. Very satisfied, and it also improves the elegance of the chihtsai brand.


SH-RD x Beauty World

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Osaka | Oct.16-18, 2023

After receiving positive reviews from Japanese designers and consumers at the Beauty World Tokyo in May, SH-RD once again brought the highly acclaimed SH-RD Protein Hair Cream to the Beauty World Osaka in October, unveiling the secret to achieving beautiful and glossy hair.
Beauty World Osaka is the largest and most renowned beauty and haircare product exhibition in Japan. It attracts professionals from the Kansai region of Japan who are seeking the latest trends and the most cutting-edge products.


TAM Press Group 工廠見學

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Taiwan | Jan. 30. 2019

Japanese media TAM Press Group who come all over the world visit our GMP level cosmetic factory and experience the whole high-tech manufacturing environment.

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SH-RD Joined the Ultimate Women’s Expo

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Dallas, Texas | 2023

In addition to showcasing our star product, the SH-RD Protein Cream, which provides daily rinse-free hair softening and smoothing repair, we also brought the latest scalp testing tablet system. We offered free scalp condition tests to the women visiting our booth. Through a simple test, they could now instantly understand their own scalp condition and choose SH-RD hair products suitable for their scalp condition to maintain a healthy scalp and nurture healthy and resilient hair! SH-RD's journey to Dallas was a great success!

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