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 「 Feazac」

Hair Coloring Cream For Hair Treatments

Fast , easy and healthy !

Semi-Permanent hair coloring product.

It's not only a color cream, a conditioning treatment and also a "Green Safe" formula with premium plant extracts. Feazac collection helps you get rid of dull withering hair and easily lights up your weekly look by renewing glorious colors.

A gentle formula of pure vibrant Direct Pigments in a plant conditioning base that delivers superior shine and healthy, conditioned results.

Colorants- Varying sizes of pigment of the Colorants have the ability to penetrate deeper into the layers of cuticle resulting in different color and deposit longevity.

* Brightens, moisturizes and increases hair and color strength
* Allows dramatic styling with the increasing color of the hair
* Allows periodic hair conditioning, protection, increase color and shine all-in-one step
* formula allows hair color to saturate longer and to remain soft and shiny hair
* Allows effortless brushing and increases hair softness and protection
*Allows deeper penetration of color molecules into the hair layers

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Eco-Friendly Design


Fast and Easy.



Semi-Permanent hair coloring product.

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