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G-belle Beauty

Professional SkinCare

Calling all beauty enthusiasts looking for quality Taiwanese products!


G-belle is a rising cosmic brand with all  based in Taiwan. We take pride in manufacturing all our products in GMP-certified facilities, ensuring the highest standards of quality and hygiene. The laboratory team believes in putting extra effort and infusing beautiful and innovative design into every aspect of all our products to lead the wonderful result of delay aging, eliminate wrinkles, energy renew. This commitment to excellence translates into safe and effective beauty products you can trust.

Men's Care
Anti-Aging Skincare
Ageless Skincare
Spa Essential Oil
Hydro Mask

The diamond of herbs- delay aging, eliminate wrinkles and sooth the lines. The perfect resolution of energy renewal. Suitable for normal to dry, delicate skin. Yourself and experience the G-belle difference!

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Hematite Anti-Aging Series

Total-Effects Essence Series

A collection of transcendent luxurious and precious ingredients, combining the latest advanced skincare technology, multiplebio-tech ingredients and botanical extracts preparing skin to accept the ultimate benefits. 

Target at different flawed skin types by offering instant aids and protection to reboot the cell revitalization. Skin is immediately hydrated, softened and smoothed, revealing a more refined and youthful complexion.

Bio-Active Series

Skin condition is a reflection of the body metabolism Mechanism. 

Through the micro molecule biological Control technology and high tech ingredients to Activate the genetic codes by restoring the skin's Moisture and firmness.

It gives immediately smooth out the wrinkles of time. 

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