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Professional Salon Hair Product

SH-RD is known as 'Dr.Treatment Hair Care Expert'


The R in the brand comes from Rosemary,

Fresh and long-lasting rosemary with the flower language of "retain memories, unforgettable".


Believe in the full range of SH-RD products

Not only does it give you the most light and smooth, full of exquisite fragrance and feeling,

It will be a set of dreamy masterpieces that you can't forget.

Sh-rd Protein Cream Honored with the Taiwan Excellence Award in the Beauty Industry, 21 April 2016. Hot-selling for 20 years, a professional salon brand exported to 43 countries globally.

sh-rd_LOGO_工作區域 1.png

Recommended by KOL & celebrities all around the World.

SH-RD Protein Cream

Recommended by American and Korean film and television celebrities.

We are committed to providing the highest level of care and the latest experience , SH-RD is checked by a professional senior laboratory R&D team.

Passed various international inspections, certifications and awards:

  • EU Cosmetics Regulation CPNP Certification

  • Halal certification

  • SGS inspection no plasticizer

  • Cosmetics GMP Certification

  • SNQ National Quality Mark Certification

  • 2016 Taiwan Boutique

  • 2017 5 Carbon Labels

  • Brazil Sephora hair products sales chart champion

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